Utilising Artificial Intelligence To Analyse Water Usage


Cambridge Consultants are bringing unparalleled insight into residential and industrial water usage, all through the use of Artificial Intelligence and breakthrough technology.

AquaML, the first of its kind technology, combines state of the art machine and deep learning technology with the single, low-cost pressure sensor. This revolutionary system can analyse and differentiate between several types of devices being used in a home or office setting, generating water usage data from each and providing the “data disaggregation” which building and utilities service organisations have demanded. AquaML is actively showcasing the depth and talent which Cambridge Consultants possess, moving machine learning beyond research and applying it into real life solutions, potentially impacting the lives of millions.

Water is an incredibly valuable commodity and its scarcity is increasing in many regions across the globe, and the problem is only continuing to worsen. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD ) has projected that world water demand will increase by 55% between 2000 and 2050, and by 2060, Singapore's total water demand could almost double. Singapore is right at the front line of innovations being made within the water sector, so much so that the nation has become a globally renowned hub for technology partnerships.

One of the long-standing challenges which continues to face the water industry is understanding exactly how water is being used, once it has been delivered to customers’ premises. Having access to the various detailed usage information could unlock some insightful findings, helping utilities to plan for future demand. Improved measurement will also enable greater control, while waste from leaks, drips and misuse can be detected and effectively minimised to maximise efficiency. All of the aforementioned can be made possible by the use of a single sensor and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

Cambridge Consultants, who are currently at the cutting edge of several advancements in machine learning, are applying these transformative and revolutionary technologies to a wide variety of industries. AquaML has combined a single pressure sensor and a sophisticated machine learning algorithm. When the water flows through a pipe, it creates an individual and unique detectable pressure profile, this enables the machine learning algorithm to not only learn but identify the water usage from separate devices. This includes everything from taps, washing machines, showers and toilets.

The real benefit is that AquaML records the volume of water used and produces a real-time display of the water usage by outlet, which could be advantageous initially for home usage, but also across businesses in the future. Data generated by AquaML allows a water utility company to understand how water is used within individual households and also across an entire neighbourhood.

Being the precious resource it is, “water must be harnessed in the most sustainable and efficient way possible”, said Wang Bin, VP Industrial and Energy, Cambridge Consultants. “By applying the latest machine learning technology, in a completely new approach, we can provide detailed insights into precise usage of water on a scale that has never before been viable.”

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