The Importance of Relationships In Creating a Successful Business

As the old business scholars teach us, behind every successful business there are people, and within society, people function through relationships. This is what successful businesses are built on; good relationships. We at Green Recruitment Solutions are strong believers in this approach, which has served us so well over the years. In this article, we intend to shed light on a few insights we’ve gained, mainly how to build and maintain great relationships with all stakeholders. We have created this list of four relationships which every business professional needs invest in:


As famously said by Helen Keller, “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,” this still applies today in every business. It is of great importance for businesses to provide a nurturing and productive environment for employees, whether this is through allowing remote working or making changes to the office space.

We have learned the importance of providing learning and growth opportunities, doing weekly check-ins and involving employees in the day-to-day decision making of the business to ensure everyone is appreciated across the organisation. This is a basic step which all businesses should take, but it is surprising how many companies do not take this into consideration. It is a high impact, low-cost investment which allows you to reap the various benefits of happy, appreciated employees.

Customers and Clients

This is where the majority of businesses focus their relationship-building efforts, which of course, is a vital area to do so. In today’s modern business environment, companies which go above and beyond simply ensuring satisfaction stand out from the rest, they are subsequently more likely to be referred to by their happy customers and clients.


We believe that everyone a business either works with or might work with is a potential future partner. People have a desire to be involved with a business that holds good standards, which goes beyond the traditional notion now more than ever. All types of interactions and relationships can generate new employees, clients and partners. When conducting operations, It’s crucial to keep an open mind to new possibilities, which could provide opportunities in the future.

Consultants and Vendors

People might assume that just because you are paying for a service, you are building a meaningful, long-standing relationship, which is incorrect. The importance of finding great vendors and consultants cannot be stressed enough. The best of which, can establish great working relationships with you, providing the opportunity which can eventually lead them to partnerships with your business in the future. Regardless of the nature of vendor or consultant which your business works with, you must ensure they are appreciated throughout the working relationship.

At Green Recruitment Solutions, we offer our services to a wide plethora or organisations, which has allowed us to gain the aforementioned insights over the years. We partner with corporations that are committed to make the world a better place. If you are an employer seeking a quality focused recruitment partner, specialising within the green industries, Green Recruitment Solutions are at your service. Similarly, if you are a green sector professional, seeking a new challenge, we will be happy to hear from you.

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